GM Crops a Hurdle in US/EU Free Trade

Since the beginning of GM crops, activists thought they were protecting the public from large multinational corporations and saving the environment. They helped build the fear that GM crops were unnatural and the fear spread in our dreams like nightmares. Activists took on a anti-science movement and portrayed GM crop scientists as mad scientists, playing with the building blocks of life. This fear is almost ingrained in our psyche from TV, newspapers, magazines and movies that GM crops are unnatural, potentially dangerous, may cause a zombie apocalypse or at very least are not nearly as nutritious as naturally grown food.

Their campaign was very successful, in just a few years GM crops were banned in Europe. Despite statements by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and more than 130 research projects, covering a period of more than 25 years of research and involving more than 500 independent research groups, is that biotechnology, and in particular GMOs, are not per se more risky than e.g. conventional plant breeding.

What this does, is it hurts the US Farmers and Ranchers, and it denies consumers in the EU access to safe, nutritious food from the United States. And based on the article below, it is a large hurdle in the trade negotiation with the EU.

U.S. criticizes ‘unnecessary’ EU rules on genetically modified crops

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