Scientists You Should Know

Almost 8 years ago, as part of a project to promote the community for the BIO 2006 convention, I created a deck of baseball like cards featuring the 20 Scientists You Should Know. The cards were used as a handout during the BIO 2006 convention.

Selection from the BIO 2006 20 Scientists You Should Know

Selection from the BIO 2006 20 Scientists You Should Know

The purpose of the project was to raise awareness of the great research talent located in the Midwest. For Catalyzing Illinois Bio, I want to resurrect the purpose of  the 20 Scientists project, and shine a spotlight on some of the great research talent we have here in Illinois. Specifically researchers that you may not know, but who will be making a large impact on our future industry.

For the first Scientists You Should Know, I have selected Dr. Dr. Guillermo Antonio Ameer from Northwestern University. I know a lot of people know Dr. Ameer.

Dr. Guillermo Antonio Ameer is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University. His research focuses on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and current research topics range from developing biodegradable materials for bone and anterior cruciate ligament replacements to understanding mechanisms of nitric oxide delivery for cardiovascular applications.  He has contributed over 100 peer-reviewed journal publications and conference abstracts, book chapters, and has several patents issued and pending.

Professor Ameer is also an entrepreneur and founder of three biotech companies.  The most recent being Citrics Biomedical. Citrics develops novel, biocompatible products for bone and soft tissue regeneration fulfilling needs in the orthopedic and dental markets.

He is President and Chief Scientific Officer for ProSorp BioTech, Inc, developing a new generation of biomimetic blood perfusion devices for disease prevention or management. The lead product specifically targets and removes proteins and compounds that have been abnormally modified with sugar residues, causing them to lose their function and become pro-inflammatory.

And Dr. Ameer is  Chief Scientific Officer for VesselTech BioMedical, LLC, which specializes in the development of medical devices to treat vascular disease, utilizing  a novel biodegradable, biocompatible, elastomer polymer combined with drug delivery of small molecules.

Dr. Guillermo Antonio Ameer, exemplifies researchers we need to support in our community, who are actively working to translate their research into new companies. We need to support their research through increased NIH funding (a topic I will soon cover), SBIR/ STTR grants, and state based incentives to help Dr. Ameer start his companies and keep them in Illinois.

Click here for Dr. Ameers CV
Click here for the Ameer Research Lab
Click here for Citrics Biomedical (currently under construction)
Click here to learn more about ProSorp
Click here to learn more about VesselTech

All of the information provided in this profile was publicly available, in the future I will make an effort to include some original content through nomination questioners and interviews.

Do you have a researcher you would like to nominate? Please email me,

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