#BIO2013: iBIO, ISTC, and Ernst & Young to release Industry Report

This morning John Pletz from Chicago Crain’s ran the article: Are Illinois, Midwest the best-kept secrets in biotech?. The article focuses on a year long project by, iBIO, the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition, and Ernst & Young.

The goal of the study was to to benchmark the current position of the industry, and establish a framework by which to assess trends on a longitudinal basis in order to better inform strategy development, public policy and industry / research institution engagement.

The study sought to:
1. Quantify the size and economic and fiscal contribution of Illinois’ biosciences community.
2. Develop case studies to showcase successes and convey the maturation of the Illinois biosciences ecosystem.
3. Identify areas of future growth for the community. Pages from 10270_iBio_EconomicEngine_B032813

On Monday, April 22nd, at 12:30pm the study partners and Governor Quinn will release the full report in the Illinois Pavilion at the opening of the BIO convention.

If you are at the BIO convention stop by the Illinois Pavilion to pick up a copy of the report. On Monday I will send out links to the report and an overview of the press conference.

Do you have news you would like to share, ideas about articles, or just something you want to get off your chest. Share them with me, john@catalyzingillinois.com.

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