#BIO2013, A Chicago Biotech 1871


Today Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans to open a biotech focused tech incubator similar to the 1871 digital incubator.

This is exciting news for our industry, a business center for start ups in the loop will help companies launch and get the attention they need. The center will provide key help for companies trying to get started. It will bring together the different parts of our community in one space increasing the inflection points of networking. Catalyzing connections for the community.

According to the Chicago tribune article this morning.

About a dozen startups have already expressed interest in becoming part of the project, according to the mayor's office. And Chicago Innovation Mentors, a biotech collaboration of Northwestern, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, iBio propel and Argonne laboratories, has signed on as a founding member of the center.

I am excited to learn more about this great resource for our community. Click here to read the Chicago Tribune article.

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