#BIO2013 Governor Perry’s Visit

Yesterday Governor Perry Perry was in Chicago for the BIO Convention. The purpose of his trip was to woo Illinois Companies to Texas. Now I don't have anything against Texas, and they have a great community there. But I don't know if it was the best use of their tax dollars to send Governor Perry up to Chicago. We have started to see this kind of preditory behavior from our midwest partners as well. Former Governor Mitch Daniels was no stranger to trying to get Illinois companies to jump over the boarder. It is also worth noting the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was also at the BIO convention with the same kind of plan, Governor Perry just attracted more media.

I know that our state is facing some very daunting financial problems that is cutting back on the supportive services that are usually avaliable to the business community (and other social communities). But our Department of Commerce has a very strong and smart team, and they are working hard to find ways to partner with business and work within their budget. iBIO is joining with the other business leadership in Illinois to help solve the state's finacial crisis fueled by the pension systems. But with all of that aside, Chicago and Illinois still has what companies are looking for when they setup operations. We have the infastruture to support their operations. We have the rail, road, water, and air infastructure to support transporation needs. Illinois is centrally located, which is important to companeis that work internationally and have business on both coasts. Illinois has the talent coming out of our universities that our companies need to grow and prosper. And finally, Illinois has Chicago, enough said.

So yes, we are facing some problems, but those problems are not going to last forever. And we are continuing to move the industry forward despite of those problems. This week at BIO two seperate incubators have been announced, Mayor Emanuel's Biotech 1871, and the Unviersity of Illinois HIT. Not to mention the Northwestern University's plan for the old Prentence Hospital.

So Governor Perry, I would like you to try to remember three things from the Economic Engine of Biotechnology in Illinois Report:

  1. Illinois is at the core of the most vibrant biotech cluster in the United States
  2. The Biotech Industry is a critical compentent of Illinois economy.
  3. IIllinois is activly investing to advance the industry

If you missed the coverage of Governor Perry at BIO, you can watch it here.

This is a conversation, not an editorial. Did I forget something, get it wrong or do you agree? Please Comment, Like, Re-Tweet and Share.


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