Where have all the good VC’s gone?

1213.stripIf you ask most start-up companies, access to capital and availability of early stage VC funding is the biggest barrier they are facing. The few exceptions are the extremely bankable entrepreneurs.  There have been a number of articles about the changing landscape of Biotech VC investment, either talking about how investment is going away or how it is rebounding. Even iBIO’s own study showed a 209% increase in VC funding from 2009-2012. My opinion is that VC investment dollars are increasing, but the number of early stage investments are decreasing. Here are a few articles and a video below. Enjoy

Debunking Myths About Biotech Venture Capital – Forbes

Biotech VCs Aren’t Lemmings Anymore. They’re Lone Rangers – Xconomy

A panel of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and industry experts discuss the current environment in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry including successful fund-raising strategies for early-stage companies, the sectors venture capital firms are investing in, alternative sources of financing and how to survive in the trenches.

*Title was a reference to the song “Where Have all the Cowboys Gone” by Paula Cole

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