Really!! Springfield & Illinois Pension

What is going on down in Springfield?!? I leave for a few days on vacation, and I come back fully expecting a pension compromise to have been worked out…but instead I come back to find out that not only did session end without a pension deal, but basically Springfield is making Illinois look bad again…which leads me to say

We have had two separate bond rating downgrades. Governor Quinn called a leadership meeting that was anything but. Quinn called a special session for June 19th to work on pension reform with out any plan in place which means it will be as effective as the special session from last year. AND Madigan and his staff are not just missing and incommunicado their behavior can only be described as bizarre. Watch this video from ABC 7 I-Team: Tracking down Mike Madigan.

Cullerton, meanwhile, has actually looked like the only adult in the room. Cullerton, unlike Madigan, showed up for a Tuesday sit-down with Quinn. There have been no mocking stories about Cullerton not carrying a cell phone. No reporters have been chasing him all over creation. No editorial boards have yet specifically called him out. The only problem is that Cullerton’s bill does not go far enough to solve the state’s fiscal problems, and really we need our Springfield leadership to come together and work out a solution.

This is a conversation, not an editorial. Did I forget something, get it wrong or do you agree? Please Comment, Like, Re-Tweet and and Share.

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