Experiments in Financing Early-Stage R & D

Timothy Coetzee, Ph.D. , Chief Research Officer, National Multiple Sclerosis Society
George Golumbeski, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Business Development, Celgene Corporation
Gwen A. Melincoff, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Strategic Investment Group, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Dennis G. Podlesak, M.B.A., Partner, Domain Associates
Melissa Stevens, Director of Strategic Initiatives, FasterCures

Chris Morrison , Editor-in-Chief, Biopharmaceuticals and Consumer Products at Elsevier Business Intelligence

Turning medical science into medical solutions requires innovators to leap all kinds of hurdles, but one of the biggest is the financial �Valley of Death,� where many underfunded, early-stage ventures meet their demise. What financing mechanisms have been (or could be) successful at directing capital to early-stage research? Can we be successful by just reorganizing the current players (i.e., NIH, academics and research institutes, nonprofits, biotech, pharma, and investors)? Or do we need models that create new kinds of entities to provide the financial and human capital needed to bridge basic science to clinical application? This panel will spotlight models for partnering in research and development and identify financial instruments and incentives that could be applied to translational medical research.

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