Pint of Science: Are you missing out on one of the biggest celebrations of science?

POSUSIf you follow me on Twitter then you have undoubtedly seen a few tweets about Pint of Science. But do you know what you are missing out on?

New scientific discoveries are happening all the time, fascinating developments which will change the future of the human race. But how often are you given the chance to really understand how these discoveries are made and what they mean?

The Pint of Science festival 2014 has seen some of world’s best scientific researchers travel to the pub to discuss their latest findings with you. Providing you with a chance to get face-to-face with the people involved in out carrying out current research. You can listen to them talk, join in games and quizzes, or just enjoy a chat over a pint.

This week we have already featured 3 of our region’s top researchers:

Eric Masanet, Associate Professor, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern UniversityWhich is better for the environment: Paper or plastic? 

David J. Hoffman, Professor and Head, Department of Physics, University of Illinois at ChicagoState of the Universe, less than a second after the big bang

Stephen Moose, Professor, Department of Crop Science, UIUC
Party Genes-How Genetic Modifications Make the Drink

Today is the last day for Pint of Science, and I encourage you to at least stop by for a pint, there is no registration cost. You may be surprised to find yourself staying the whole night. Get your tickets now!

Tonight will feature:

Moira Zellner, Associate Professor, Urban Planning and Policy University of Illinois at Chicago
Improving the environment doesn’t take *that* much…

Peggy Mason, University of Chicago
What rats can teach us about empathy

Tweets from last night:


Photos from Chicago’s Pint of Science:

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