Samsung’s Voice of the Body Event about Digital Health

Above: Young Sohn of Samsung Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

Above: Young Sohn of Samsung
Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

Samsung Electronics geeked out in a big way at its Voice of the Body event about digital health in San Francisco.

The company started out by announcing Simband, a common platform for wearable sensor development, something that could accelerate the market by enlisting the efforts of many companies working on digital health. Samsung described it as a wristband that has sensors plus a base platform for a variety of wearable applications.

Samsung Simband and SAMI platforms.

The technology behind the announcement is impressive. Hardware geeks are likely to salivate over some of the details and images that Samsung shared about the Simband and its accompanying cloud platform.

Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer at Samsung Electronics, said at the event that the company has marshaled a huge amount of resources across multiple disciplines to create its technology for monitoring and improving the health of consumers.

Sohn noted that the stats are dire. About 70 percent of the population dies from chronic diseases. Healthcare costs are exceeding $6.5 trillion on a global basis. And 1.2 billion people will be over age 60 by 2025.

“Including me,” Sohn said.

Simband battery