Abbott and Biocartis Partner up on Companion Diagnostic Tests


Belgo-Swiss molecular diagnostics developer Biocartis and US healthcare products maker Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) will jointly develop and market multiplex companion diagnostics tests, combining Biocartis’ molecular diagnostics system, Idylla, with Abbott’s regulatory, scientific and commercialisation know-how, the parties said last Friday.

The partners, in collaboration with pharma groups, will develop a number of biomarker panels to be used on the Idylla system, where each marker in the suite has a known clinical significance. Multiplexing is essential for pharmaceutical companies, which have to analyse numerous biomarkers in their clinical studies and ultimately helps doctors get more useful data from limited patient samples.

Biocartis chief executive and chairman, Rudi Pauwels, noted that unlike much of the current molecular diagnostic practice, which involves specialised, labour intensive and time-consuming steps, the Idylla technology is easy-to-use and delivers rapid results, allowing clinicians quick and easy access to individual patient biomarker data. The Idylla platform has an integrated, “sample in, result out” technology, enabling the generation of high quality molecular test data.