The top 15 late-stage blockbusters in the pipeline


Where is big biopharma innovation coming from? Gone seem to be the days of the blockbuster drugs that propelled the industry and investment. Recently it has been the big US biotech companies that have been getting the approvals for drugs that are more likely to have a huge impact on the market.

But Fierce took a look at EvaluatePharma’s recent picks for the top late-phase drugs and it was surprising to see the number of promising biopharma companies on the list.

Novartis and Roche, whose cancer pipeline is bolstering their position, both appear prominently not his list. Joining them surprisingly are a few companies who have really lost their foothold. Companies like Merck (hepatitis), Sanofi (partnership with Regeneron), AstraZeneca (immuno-oncology) and Pfizer (cancer).

Joining these biopharma companies are some big biotechs like Biogen (multiple sclerosis) and Bristol-Myers Squibb sits as the leader of this year’s list.

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