From John: This week in review, August 15


I started WhiteCityNews is to raise the awareness of what is happening in our community. Providing a voice, featuring the companies, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and leaders who are propelling our community forward. WCN is a platform for our community to share your news, triumphs, and challenges. As well as promote your eventsjobs and seek advice

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Mayor Emanuel at the MATTER Press Confernece

Tuesday: This week had some unexpected news with a surprise press conference from MATTER. A select number of community members who have been involved in the project received an invitation on Monday to attend a “exciting press announcement” with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Pat Quinn. 

At the press conference, which also included J.B. Pritzker, Jeff Aronin, and DCEO Director Adam Pollet, the leadership for MATTER was announced. Steve Collens, as CEO, and Pat Flavin, as Executive Director will be steering the project into its final stages. And speaking of final stages, the second part of the press conference announced that MATTER was opening the application process for their first class of companies.  Providing a tiered membership system, similar to 1871, companies can secure space raining in benefits from $150 – $450 / month.



You can watch the full press conference:


This was a big day for WhiteCityNews, or at least a very exciting day. I relaunched WhiteCityNews is late May after some failed previous attempts and I promised myself that for the next 6 months I would really focus on posting content and highlighting our local community.  I have tried not to look at our stats only because it can be very disappointing. But after some continued feedback from the community, I decided to take a look. In the relatively short time since May, I have had over 10,000 views. WCN is averaging over 1,000 hits a week and over 200 a day. The WCN distribution list has grown to over 2,500 members who receive our notices through varied communication mediums.

Now I know that these numbers pale in comparison to other outlets but I found those numbers encouraging. So once again, thank you to the companies and entrepreneurs who have spent their time and allowed me to feature them on this site, and to all of the readers for supporting this project. All I can say is stay tuned, because I have planned some exciting updates and improvements.

Looking Forward to Next Week:

Next week is a busy events week for the community. Starting on Monday with PROPEL: in- and out-licensing @ Marshall, Gerstein & Borun, and then on Thursday is the FIRST WhiteCityNews: Unofficial – Official Happy Hour @ Bar Louie, and finally we will end the week with some great BBQ and hopefully stay dry at the iBIO BBQ @ Illinois Medical District

I will have a startup feature at the beginning of next week. A very exciting imaging company who is going to change the course of Alzheimer’s drug development and diagnosis. There is also some AbbVie news in the works.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

– John