Chicago Companies

Below is a list of Chicago area Healthtech and Health 2.0 related companies. You can follow many of these companies by following a single Twitter list developed by Chicago Health Tech and Health 2.0: ChiHealthTech/chicagohealth2  Twitter “list” 

Patient Empowerment / Communication

  • Context Media (Chicago, IL) – digital media technology for chronic disease education such as Diabetes Health Network in waiting rooms
  • Evive Health (Chicago, IL) – data driven personalized healthcare reports,  based on patient’s unique situation such as medication reminder stickers (video)
  • Emmi Solutions (Chicago, IL) – plain language programs which use audio, text and images to help patients make sense of vital evidence-based medical information (ITA spotlight summary)
  • PatientImpact (Evanston, IL) – provides healthcare organizations with patient survey results to explore and improve the patient’s experience and satisfaction (video)
  • Navigant HealthAware (Chicago, IL) – Oncology Program tool for assisting in early detection of cancer and the appropriate treatment
  • PinPointMD (Chicago, IL) – Improve accessibility, interpretation, and simplicity of lab tests
  • Care Team Connect (Evanston, IL) – proprietary technology that enables our clients to accurately automate the creation of patient-specific care plans, true care coordination and compliance tracking (ITA spotlight summary)


  • GiveForward (Chicago, IL) – personalized web pages today to spread hope and contribute to a loved one’s out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Marbles The Brain Store (Chicago, IL) – retail store for brain fitness products, baby boomers, worried about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (story)
  • Halo Monitoring (Chicago, IL) – advanced fall detection and vitals monitoring system for seniors with caregiver connectivity via email, text, web (video)
  • Everybody Safe (Libertyville, IL) – Emergency Communication: You are assigned a lifelong Membership ID Number and emergency responders use that number to access your emergency contact list (video)
  • My Health and Money (Chicago, IL) – price comparisons for pharmaceuticals, hosptials, medical costs, chiropractors, alternative medicine, and more
  • Caregiver List (Chicago, IL) – caregiving options for seniors and senior care professionals
  • Mole Detective (Chicago, IL) – mobile apps (iPhone, Android) to calculate symptoms of melanoma
  • Skin Click (Chicago, IL) – lets you securely connect to a dermatologist via the web or mobile device for a remote diagnosis & treatment
  • Retrofit (Chicago, IL) – help people lose 
at least 10% of their body weight and keep it off by arming its clients with wireless data collection
 devices to ensure accountability
  • Prevail Health Solutions (Chicago, IL) – veteran-owned and -operated health care technology company that builds and delivers systematic online behavioral health programs
  • Transcension Health (Chicago, IL) – makes of the SimCode ACLS and BabyCPR app
  • Emotenation – subscription service with two, ½ hour sessions with a licensed professional per month plus unlimited access to our library of helpful activities so users make progress on their own time.

PHR Related

  • HealthCodex (Chicago, IL) – Family Health Planner to guide consumers through appointment management, wellness, diagnostic tests, treatments, and vaccinations (video)
  • Medic8 Manager (Chicago, IL) – Medication manager tool including an iPhone app for tasks such as reminders, missed dose support, drug database with 17,000+ entries, label warnings, refill alerts, etc (video)

Cost Transparency

  • Leslie’s List (Chicago, IL) – free, local resource for comparing prices on prescriptions and diagnostic testing services (Forbes article)
  • OKCoPay (Chicago, IL) – compare the cash prices of thousands of doctors and medical procedures in your area (ITA Spotlight)

EMR/EHR & Practice Management Solutions

  • AllScripts (Chicago, IL) – practice management and electronic health record technology, including electronic prescribing, care management, and revenue cycle software
  • Intuitive Solutions (Oakbrook Terrace, IL) – Practice Management, Electronic Medical Records and an advanced web based Patient Portal supporting the primary process of healthcare delivery
  • ViMedicus (Chicago, IL) – integrated clinical EHR system for Public Health Clinics and Private Practices including a cloud-based mobile interface

Remote Monitoring

  • Carematix (Chicago, IL) – develops and markets wireless wellness monitoring sytems with devices such as bloop pressure, weight scale, and glucose montiors
  • VGBio (Naperville, IL) – technology for human health monitoring and diagnostics using actionable intelligence from large data streams

EMR/EHR consultation

  • SA Ignite (Chicago, IL) – software package to help practices achieve that meaningful use, SA Ignite, located in Chicago’s business incubator TechNexus, improves workflow using advanced analytics so that EHRs are deployed optimally
  • EHR & Practice Management Consultants (Chicago, IL) – consultation CERTIFIED EHR and/ or Practice Management system they will meaningfully use to qualify for the funds under the ARRA’s HiTech Act
  • Healthcare Solutions Institute (Chicago, IL) – consulting focused in Radiology, Cardiology, EMR/EHR/HIE, HL7/DICOM, IHE, IT System Architecture/Build and Support

Management/Workflow Solutions

  • Verge Solutions (Chicago, IL) – full suite of management tools including auditing, quality, regulation compliance, patient complaints, and more
  • Merge Healthcare (Chicago, IL) – comprehensive set of products including imaging, clinical trial management, diagnostics, and patient facing avatar- based kiosk
  • Relay Health (Wheeling, IL) – hospital revenue cycle management, retail pharmacy workflow, MU incentives, medication adherence, etc
  • Transparent Health (Chicago, IL) – tools for outcome-based, educational training programs targeted at reducing medical errors, lowering risk, restoring patient trust, and improving patient outcomes.
  • CellTrak (Schaumburg, IL) – provider of GPS integrated, mobile solutions for the home and community healthcare markets (demo)
  • Patient Keeper (Chicago, IL regional office) – delivers a suite of integrated applications that support a physician’s workflow through the entire day — from home to hospital to office or anywhere in between.
  • OrangeQC (Chicago, IL) – Online inspection, infection prevention, and CMMS / janitorial software for the cleaning industry and healthcare environmental services.
  • Productive Scheduling Solutions (Chicago, IL) – anesthesia call scheduling to maximize input and control over the anesthesiologist’s schedule and lifestyle.
  • Truveris (business development office in Chicago, IL) – RFP platform available to brokers and consultants. Automatically price bids, standardize contract terms, and present client reports.
  • Open Markets (Skokie, IL) – demand-driven approach in creating our cost-savings events, as we only negotiate MarketBuys™ for capital equipment
  • Procured Health (Chicago, IL) – procured buying for healthcare systems

Medical Coding

  • Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO®) (Northbrook, IL) – vocabulary products that help people, companies and health organizations manage the complexities of searching and obtaining the myriad of codes from most code standards
  • iCare Health (Chicago, IL) – natural language processing and semantics for medical coding standards

Physician Discovery/Search

  • (Chicago, IL) – ”insider’s” view when seeking out the best in class doctors available. Relies on peer reviews instead of patient reviews (Chicago Health 2.0 presentation)
  • Human Practice (Chicago, IL) – doctor referral system relying on personalized connections versus public ratings
  • Analyte Health (Chicago, IL) – online clinics based on specialities, with the first Online Clinic focused on sexual health.
  • WisePatient (Chicago, IL) – web portal for doctor search, appointment scheduling, health record management
  • HuliHealth (Chicago, IL) – medical tourism discovery based on patient reviews, credentials, and cost by speciality and procedure
  • First Stop Health (Chicago, IL) – concierge service for your minor and major,  urgent and chronic health needs
  • Fibroblast (Chicago, IL) – cloud-based practice management tool for online patient self-scheduling, automated patient notifications, and instant patient cross-referrals

Physician Tools

  • Physicians Interactive (Libertyville, IL) – online and mobile clinical resources including eDetailing, eSampling, clinical updates, eNewsletters, market research, data analytics, and mobile solutions
  • PEPID (Evanston, IL) – mobile medical tools for iPhone medical, BlackBerry, Palm, Palm Pre, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Online with apps such as Emergency Physician, Primary Care Plus, Nursing, and Student tools (videos)
  • TempoMD (Chicago, IL) – lets physicians get the resources they need, on their own terms. We optimize the relationship between doctors and sales reps including pharmaceuticals
  • RedRadius (Chicago, IL) – connecting Medical Science Liaisons, Key opinion leaders (KOLs), and medical device firms with health practitioners at conferences

Physician Education / CME

  • Sufo (Chicago, IL) – web based CME by subscribing to channels like cosmetic/reconstructive plastic surgery, practice marketing and earning CME “credits”
  • DIME (Chicago, IL) – comprehensive range of continuing education activities that support healthcare providers igh quality, gap-driven, learner-centered educational activities
  • ReachMD (Northbrook, IL) – XM Satellite Radio channel 160 delivers the latest audio and radio programs including CME for credit for medical professionals
  • Simbionix (Glenview, IL) – Simposia is an online portal for physicians to share case procedures by posting videos, offering surveys, post events, and more. Includes a learning center to earn CME credits.

Health Insurance

  • Bloom Health (Minneapolis, MN) – funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield Ventures in Chicago. helping people take control of their health benefits by performing (1) part insurance broker,(2) part health finance adviser (3) part outsourced human resources department (video)
  • gohealth (Chicago, IL) – online resource for comparing health insurance options online
  • Engaged Health (Chicago, IL) – solutions to improve employee wellness programs

Investment / Incubator

  • New World Ventures (Chicago, IL) – investments in Analyte Health and Alliance Health Networks, which are squarely patient and consumer engagement focused
  • OCA Ventures (Chicago, IL) – investments in Fitocracy and National Billing Partners
  • Apex (Chicago, IL) – investments in Analyte Health
  • Healthbox (Chicago, IL) – One of 3 seed stage startup accelerators in the country; they have funded and incubated a class of 10 startups
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Ventures (Chicago, IL) – Sandbox Industries is the exclusive fund manager for BCBS Venture Fund, which is a $116 million corporate venture fund sponsored by the BlueCross BlueShield Association. Portfolio companies include Bloom Health, Myca, and Phreesia.
  • Hyde Park Angels (Chicago, IL) – forum for entrepreneurial-minded members to invest in seed and early stage businesses, primarily located in the Midwest with a recent interest in healthcare IT
  • Merrick (Chicago, IL) – investor of Merge Healthcare, a major provider of health tech services
  • Sikich (Chicago, IL) – provide consulting and mentoring services for healthcare and biotech companies
  • Chrysalis (Louisville, KY) – numerous healthtech investments shown here
  • Illinois DCEO (Chicago, IL) – State backed fund to piggy back on existing investments with same deal terms

Policy, Government, Regulation

  • WHITIA (Chicago, IL) – non-profit social venture working to improve the health of people living in poor areas by helping limited resource medical facilities gain access to affordable essential healthcare technologies such as digital imaging and telemedicine solutions.
  • CHIRTEC (Chicago, IL) – technical assistance to Primary Care Providers (PCPs) in Chicago to become meaningful users of electronic health records (EHRs). In particular, focus on PCPs who provide care for the uninsured, underinsured and medically underserved.
  • Illinois Health Information Exchange (Chicago, IL) – Illinois’ HIE for the use of electronic medical records and e-prescribing to assist medical providers in understanding a patient’s full medical history
  • CCHIT (Chicago, IL) – independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the public mission of accelerating the adoption of robust, interoperable health information technology including the stimulus funding in the ARRA

Professional Organizations

  • Chicago Health 2.0/Tech (Chicago, IL) – Web site and group focused on discussing and showcasing consumer driven and Health IT related technology with focus on initiatives which result in making health and healthcare more efficient, cost effective, and accessible.
  • AHIMA (Chicago, IL) – American Health Information Management Association is a health information management (HIM) professional association over 61,000 members
  • HIMSS (Chicago, IL) – Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is a 501(c)6 organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, and access to, healthcare through the best use of information technology and management systems. 23,000 individual members, of which 73% work in the patient care setting
  • CHEF (Chicago, IL) – Chicago Health Executives Forum, the largest, independent chapter of ACHE, the American College of Health Executives

Consulting / Research / Marketing

  • OntoAdaptive – Interoperability integration services including mandated standards (e.g., SNOMED CT, ICD-9) and technology (e.g., HL7). Also, meaningful use (MU) requirements consulting
  • Prospex (Chicago, IL) – consulting in Business content and technology, SaaS, Aging-in-place products and services, and Healthcare content and technology
  • Approach Health (Chicago, IL) – superior outcomes through behavior modification strategies, the right incentives, and effective treatment adherence tools.
  • Torque (Chicago, IL) –  marketing agency, launching and helping to grow companies and products. Companies engage the agency to re-position offerings, determine what to say and which marketing channels to use, in new & changing markets.
  • 94 Westbound (Deerfield, IL) – consulting on product delivery, specializing in healthcare.

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