Court_of_Honor_and_Grand_BasinThe White City, part of the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair, was a significant event in almost all human endeavors for Chicago.  The White City set the stage for the world and ushered in an unprecedented time of innovation and growth for Chicago.

It provided a forum for people to come together to marvel and celebrate advances in technology. It defined Chicago’s rebirth as a global center of innovation.

WhiteCityNews celebrates Chicago’s reemergence as a global health and med-tech powerhouse. We are raising the awareness of what is happening in our community, and to providing a voice, featuring the companies, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and leaders who are propelling our community forward.

about.me John Conrad

WhiteCityNews is a platform for our community to…

We are passionate about the health and medtech community in Chicago. We are here to provide the connections and resources the community needs to catalyze growth. We believe in breaking down barriers between industry segments and finding areas of collaboration.

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